Saint Louis

the arch 
my host parents 
the view from the top of the arch (200meter) 
speciell treatment at the hotel 
Grace (host sister) at the zoo
the arch again
cool vinyl store 
we did a tour at budweiser 
cool wall at Starbucks 
I had a wonderfull weekend in Saint Louis 

April 17

photo by Filip when he was here

Tomorrow is the last day of school for this week because we are off Friday, I don't really know why but I'm not complaning. i just wanted to say that everything is fine wih me and that me and the family are going to st.Louise tomorrow after school. We are going to stay at a hotel until sunday and just look at everything you can see in st.Louise. I am really exited and is ready to take a short little break from the daily life.

I also wanted to say that we are starting to get into the tornado season here in Kansas now so i might be hearing some tornado warnings in the furure.
XOXO from Kansas
(what language should I write in? this makes me confused)

the swede


I couldn't resist posting these pictures ha-ha. I feel more Swedish than I ever have done in my life right now when I'm here.  Every time I hear a Swedish song, see a Swedish flag or hear someone talk about Sweden I’m like: Yeah that’s where I'm from everyone, Sweden whowoo!!  I am also known as the Swede by some people at the school. When I go back I guess I will be the American or something.

more california

All the 50 students on the tour 
lunch at in and out burger one day 
venice beach LA, Francesca and Chantal
santa monica pier LA
pier 39 San francisco 


me and my host family

Some pictures from my prom! It was nice weather, I was surrounded by nice people and it was really a great time. I can now cross of Prom from my bucket list and it is something I will always remember. Hugs and kisses

Maybe i should start writing more in my blog and not only like post pictures all the time, but I like pictures better than writing so we'll see what happends. 


Today: Prom

Today is the day, it is prom! Pictures will probably come tomorrow!

Graduation party

Me and Kati are starting to plan our graduation party! So exited, I have a feeling it will be perfect and I am so happy that I’m doing it with her. I know that it is more then a month left but I am still exited! If I could I would invite all you Swedes back home 


Me and Greta Garbo in Holywood
          Me and the beautiful San Francisco in the background  

Two more pictures from Cali both on me that was a little egoistic of me. Hehe

I am working on more pictures don't worry. I will probably post like 100 posts before this California trip is done.  XOXO


I had the most wonderful week in California. I met a lot of wonderful people and got too se a beautiful state. I will post more pictures and tell you more about the trip later. XOXO

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